Dynamic Optimization

Our optimization capabilities are simply the best in the industry. We achieve advertisers ROI goals ...on any metric...through dynamically optimized placements and CPMs!

Our expert use of yield management technology, market-driven ad placement and dynamic CPM monitoring, teamed with the dedication and skills of our top notch traffickers, allow us to offer advertisers performance-based efficiency optimization in virtually real-time.

Campaigns are continually optimized across our entire network, shifting placements, on-the-fly, toward sites where the offer is converting most cost effectively and away from those that are not.

How it works:

  1. Specific campaign goals and targeted audiences are honed.

  2. Maximum CPM necessary to deliver on goals is identified, based on historical data.

  3. Campaign is trafficked with a RON strategy developed to reach targeted audience, maintain maximum designated CPM and efficiently deliver ROI goals.

  4. Placements and CPMs are continuously monitored across network and optimized, in real-time, based on clients specific goals and strategies.

  5. Conversion efficiency is continually "ratcheted down" as system "learns" perfect network mix for specific campaign.